Submission Guidelines 

JWT produces contemporary American stories that have some Jewish content or Jewish resonance.  Most of the stories are true.  If you want to see your work performed on our stage, your best chance is to submit a first-person narrative OR a short story that is no longer than 1500 words AND illuminates a theme that JWT is exploring in the upcoming seasons (themes listed below.)  Stories, one-acts, poems or songs will be considered.

 Submit your material to Be sure to let us know the theme to which you are submitting in the subject line of your email.  Make sure your name and title of your work appear on your submission. Fill out our writer’s survey to complete your submission.

Full Length Play Submission

While we read full-length plays, we rarely produce them.  The play must be contemporary, not historical or science fiction.  Do not submit a play with cast size larger than four.  And please be patient.  We are a small staff with piles of plays to read.  It will take a while to respond.


What if my piece doesn’t fit the theme?
Please do not submit your work unless is fits a theme.

Do I have to be Jewish to submit?
No, you need not be Jewish to submit, but we prefer work have some Jewish content or Jewish resonance.

Do I need to be female to submit work?
All genders are welcome and encouraged to write for JWT.

If my work is accepted, is there remuneration?
Yes, all works are given an honorarium based on how many times the piece is performed.

I’m a convert.  May I submit?
Of course, you are Jewish.

I wasn’t born in this country, but I’m Jewish.  Will you read my work?
Gladly and with great interest.  We love stories from Jews from a diverse ethnic backgrounds.

My one act is 15 pages.  Is that too long?
We read one acts 10 pages or less.

My piece has more than four characters. 
Please, do not submit works with large casts.  Our stage is small.

May I submit my one-person show?

I’ve already had a production.  Can I submit it?
Previously produced or published work is welcome. Please include production and/or publication history.

Can I submit my musical?
We encourage composers, song-writers, and performers to submit individual work. Musicals are welcome, but plays with large casts will be rejected without reading.

Themes for 2020 At-Home Salon Theatre Season

(Click the icon for more info on the theme)

Mapping of the Mind

Deadline for submissions
is October 1, 2019

Sex, Addiction & Love in the 21st Century

Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2019

AH HA! Moment

Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2019

Future Shows

Remembrance of Things Present

The legacy of the Shoah in stories from the next generations are not only funny and insightful, but deeply moving.

Deadline for submissions
February 1, 2020

Not My Home Anymore

Israeli Americans share their story of longing, loss and love in the Diaspora.

Deadline for submissions
February 1, 2020

Family Matters

We love them.  We hate them.  We can’t live with them; we can’t live without them.  The matters of family, and why family matters, are as old as the Bible. This show reveals our most personal family stories.

Deadline for submissions
February 1, 2020


AGES 17 – 93,