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From Saffron & Rosewater

Saffron Rice & Cranberries, by Esther Amini explores what it is to have a Persian Thanksgiving in JWT’s show, Saffron & Rosewater, songs and stories from Persian Jewish women.  Recorded by Vox Tablet.

Magie Anton’s Fifty Shades of Talmud

Maggie Anton discusses her latest book with Jewish Women’s Theatre.

JWT Bagels & Bestsellers w/Maggie Anton’s “Fifty Shades of Talmud”

Author Maggie Anton discusses latest book, Fifty Shades of Talmud: What the First Rabbis Had to Say about You-Know-What.

Our Men Have Their Say

Ronda Spinak, Artistic Director JWT & The Braid on “Our Men Have Their Say.” Men take center stage in our Summer Salon! Funny and poignant show with new and JWT classic stories reprised!

Penny Wolin on Jewish American photographers

Photographer Penny Wolin’s “Descendants of Light: American Photographers of Jewish Ancestry” raises the question – why are so many prominent American photographers Jewish?

JWT’s Bagels & Bestsellers with Gina B. Nahai

Author Gina B. Nahai discusses the changing modern Los Angeles with the diaspora of Persian/Iranian Jews.

Chutzpah & Salsa

Producer Suzanna Kaplan says, Jews from all over the world found their way to Latin America. Jewish Women’s Theatre’s Chutzpah & Salsa will surprise you by what it means to be a Latin American Jew.

Indigo: Remembering Iran – JWT Uncuffed Salon

Indigo is a Passover story from JWT’s Uncuffed salon written by Gina Nahai and performed by Lisa Cirincione live at Stephen Wise Temple for Brandeis National Committee.

Bagels & Bestsellers “The Empire of the Senses”

JWT’s Bagels and Bestsellers is at 10:30 am, Sunday, April 17th.

Blessing of a Broken Heart JWT@TheBraid

Sherri Mandell Discussing the Play “The Blessing Of A Broken Heart” in these two podcasts.