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Keep Improving Your Writing with Leslie Schwartz’s
New Intermediate Workshop at The Braid

Six Sessions:  Mondays, Sept. 25 – Oct. 30  6:30-9:30pm
Fee:  $450
Pre-requisite: Beginning writing classes, or with permission of the instructor,
subject to submission of a writing sample.

We learn to write by writing…and by perfecting the art of critiquing our work. In Leslie Schwartz’ intermediate workshop, your writing will receive supportive and illuminating review as you build confidence as a writer and develop your editorial skills. Leslie, a Simon and Schuster editor, and two-time published novelist (with a soon-to-be-published memoir), is a highly experienced teacher, known for her ability to inspire, educate and motivate her students.  She emphasizes the joy of writing, fosters lasting communities of writers, and delivers on her promise to improve her students’ writing skills – getting them closer to finishing that book they’ve always had in them. Memoir and fiction writers welcome!


Creating and Expanding Your Brand
(If you don’t know what that means, you NEED this class!)

Sunday, Nov. 5  9am-noon 
Fee:  $75 (light brunch included)

This 3-hour class will teach you how to write a media release and acquire traditional and basic social media knowledge to spread the word about your current project and events.  Everyone welcome.

Taught by Maureen Rubin, Emeritus Professor of Journalism and former White House public information director, and Amirose Eisenbach, founder of Radiant J. Productions and former head of AMC Independent editorial.


Thematic Autobiography Workshop at The Braid

Four Sessions:  Mondays, Nov. 6 – Oct. 30  6:30-9:30pm
Fee:  $300
Beginners Welcome.  Class size limited to 10. 

Sociologist Dr. Susan Aminoff and writing facilitator Dr. Marlene Wagner will explore Jewish identity through their unique, creative method. In the first hour, they will envelop you with ideas and theories from literature and sociology about Jewish identity. In the second hour, they will ask evocative questions about the deeper meaning of your Jewish identity and how it has influenced even the most unexpected areas of your life. Your written responses, prepared at home and shared with small groups in class, can offer a profound, new understanding of yourself.

“You’re certainly not safe any time you come out and tell a story. You’re naked. Especially in theater. But it [the class] was the first time I felt safe.”
– Shawn, writer



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