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Themes for 2018 At-Home Salon Theatre Season*

*(Scroll down for specific guidelines before submitting.)

Copyright 2017 Jeri Malone Inc.

The Accidental Activist – January 20 – Feb 6

A moving and humorous show about people who act to right a wrong, help the helpless, or bring forth a smile where there was no hope. We are looking for material that tells a story about helping, acting to change something that strongly affected you, your success and/or lessons learned.  It can also be someone else’s story.

Deadline for submissions:  October 15, 2017.

Crossing Our Red Sea – March 10-26

A surprising show revealing life’s truths found in the Passover story…This is not a re-enactment of the exodus story, but a show that performs the Haggadah using thought-provoking contemporary stories, poems, plays and songs that will make you laugh and cry. There are many parts to the Haggadah and most have universal themes…submit material that addresses one of these themes but be sure it is a contemporary take on this very old story NOT a re-telling of the story in ancient times.

Deadline for submissions:  November 15, 2017

Guilty Parties – May 5-22

A wild ride through the guilt of a new generation. From the things we should have done to actions we regret. No one is safe from this moral dilemma as we navigate the expectations of society, family, and relationships. Do you have a funny or heartfelt story where guilt – Jewish or otherwise – affected your life? We are looking for stories, short plays, poetry, songs or essays exploring what causes guilt, how we confront the feeling and the decisions we make to overcome guilt or avoid it completely. Join the party and submit your story!

Deadline for submissions:  February 2, 2018

Family Secrets – Summer 2018

Shhh.  It’s nobody’s business…stories of fauxpas, missteps and outrageous behavior! These are the secret stories of youthful indiscretions, dishonest acts and outright naughty activities make for a moving, eye-opening, and funny show exploring events only whispered about, until now!

Deadline for submissions:  March 2018

It’s a Life – Fall/Winter 2018

Stories that celebrate life while looking at the ironic, mystifying, and often times unbelievably funny events surrounding death.  Tears may come, but so will laughter as we look at how we get though that which we all must face.

Deadline for submissions:  June 15, 2018 

Submission Guidelines

Okay, you’re Jewish, that’s a good start, but how “Jewish” do you have to write? When submitting material, consider the following parameters for your submission:

  • Please check the themes of the season and submit accordingly. We will not accept late submissions this year.  Thank you!
  • Please make sure your name and title of your work appear on your submission.
  • An element of Jewish resonance is important, but your submission does not need to feature being Jewish as the prominent theme or subject.
  • Feature women or a woman’s point of view, but not exclusively. Male characters are welcome.
  • Short one-acts (10 minutes max) and monologues (7 minutes max) are preferred.  Will read full-length, but unlikely will produce.
  • 1500 words or less preferred
  • Must be topical for the 21st century. While we consider plays set in another time period, we mostly select contemporary pieces.
  • Small cast a must. One-person shows okay.
  • Previously produced or published work is welcome. Please include production and/or publication history. A new version of a classic or an adaptation from another medium would definitely be of interest.

Although the primary focus of the JWT is on the writing, music is often a part of our events. We encourage composers, song-writers, and performers to submit individual work. Musicals are welcome.

Submit your material to ronda@jewishwomenstheatre.org. Be sure to let us know the salon you are submitting for in the subject line of your email.


AGES 17 – 93,